Mastering is the final step before your recordings go to duplication, radio or television broadcast. Once you have a great mix it is time for mastering. Mastering will add the final polish to your track. It will make it loud and competitive with other songs on the radio, and will even out any tonal issues that may exist. If there are multiple songs in the project, mastering will help them all flow together seamlessly by making all the perceived volumes the same and balancing the over all frequency responses of each song to the next. Mastering is the final step in getting your song to sound like a commercial release.


We use industry standard audio processing to master your tracks. With the use of EQ, compression, limiting, and other effects your track will be ready for CD duplication, radio broadcast and record label submissions.


We are dedicated to making sure you are completely happy with your music. Should you have any revisions on your mastered tracks, we will make the changes for you at no additional cost. All mastering revisions are included in the price.