Online Studio Services

Mix Pro Studios offers full-service commercial quality music production, Mixing, Mastering, and studio services straight to you via internet. No matter where you are located you can send us your project through our website and we can record audio, edit audio, align drums, tune vocals, mix, and master your project in house and then send you back the final product. We do allow revisions on all of our work as we always want our clients to be 100% happy with the final outcome. The best part is our awesome rates. We have unbeatable prices for the quality and level of work we do.

Check out all of our services, and when you're ready to get your project started, upload your tracks on our Upload Page.


Session Guitar Services

We have pro studio session guitar players who can add guitar to your project for minimal cost to you. Having professional level players on your project can really take it up to the next level. They know just the right parts to play and have incredible guitar tones that will stand out and make your song sound killer.

Our clients send us their songs and we record new guitar tracks to compliment what is already recorded in the song. After we finish all the guitar parts we send you all the guitar tracks for you to mix in as you like. Or, Mix Pro Studios can also handle the mixing for you and give you back full mixes with the guitar parts included.